Monday, May 9, 2011

Pomerene Hall

You've heard of it, you've seen it, you've probably snuck inside it to explore the abandoned pool. So what's new about Pomerene?

As it turns out, it's a prime location for some semi-public nookie.

My male and I were exploring the hall after midnight on a Sunday night (Monday morning), as horny as two high schoolers and with as few places to go when we wanted to have some sexy time. After playing around a bit in an empty classroom, we found ourselves actively seeking a place to make some bacon. We ended up in the gymnasium, where we pulled out a large gym mat and started gettin' nekkid on it.

It's a great place to check off your list of "cool places to do it," especially if you've got an exhibitionist streak. There are lots of windows (though unlikely anybody is high up enough to see in through them) and there's a slight chance of being caught (either by a janitor or other explorers). The thick red mat is fairly comfortable and provides excellent traction, and the architecture/size of the room makes for great acoustics, amplifying all of the sexiest noises. The lights can be turned on or off (we left them on) depending on how adventurous you feel/how attractive your partner is. And don't forget, it's sexy just for how naughty it is. Though a bit mild by my own personal standards.

If you can't figure out how to get into Pomerene, you aren't even trying. No excuses, guys. Go do it!

Rating: A
Difficulty: Easy
Achievements Available:
    King and Queen of Pomerene (co-op mission: have sex in Pomerene Hall)
    Pool's Closed (solo mission, either gender: wave your endowments around in at least three rooms)

We may have to double tap this location so we can play teacher/student on the desk in the empty classroom. Rawr.

We're up for suggestions on where to hit it next.

'Til next time... be bad.

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