Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ramseyer Hall

I had absolutely no plans to do anything of interest in this building. But I had a bit of an adventure inside, so I figured it was worth sharing. It was an early evening during finals week that my male and I found ourselves intolerably excited, and Ramseyer Hall was the nearest building.

We prowled around the building, still populated by a fair amount of students and faculty, in search of a room we could lock ourselves in. Alas, there were none that weren't already locked from the outside. So we settled on a classroom either on the second or third floor, I can't quite remember. It had two doors and was right across the hall from a room that most certainly had people in it. At the front of the room was a table and a chair. I made him have a seat and I straddled him. I was wearing a skirt and it made the covert operation quite a bit easier.

It had been over a month since I'd seen any action, and even longer for him, and so we grabbed at eachother like hungry animals. It was excessively hot and things got sweaty real quick. The table and chair allowed for plenty of interesting position switching, though carelessness in that manner left me with quite a few bruises (not that I mind that in the slightest). Risk was much higher than in this adventure than my last, considering the time of day and location, so low volume was a must, but it was a tad more thrilling, as well.

Things got just a bit too exciting after I got on the floor on my hands and knees. He slipped out... and then went for the wrong hole. I let out a very loud, anguished yelp and everything ceased immediately. We scrambled to clothe ourselves and get the fuck out because there's no way nobody heard that. Rather anticlimactic, but we had a good laugh about it later.

Rating: B+
Difficulty: Intermediate
Achievements Available:
    AA in Sexology (co-op mission: have sex in at least two campus buildings)
    Minor in Sex Education (co-op or solo mission: do something sexy in Ramseyer Hall)

'Til next time... be bad.

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